Living with noise pollution: Serangoon, Bukit Timah and Clementi among the noisiest neighbourhoods in Singapore

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Living with noise pollution Singapore





Source: Straits Times

Serangoon, Clementi and Bukit Timah are among the noisiest neighbourhoods in Singapore, one study has found. What does it mean to be living with noise pollution? The Sunday Times finds out.

A new study from the National University of Singapore (NUS) found that Singapore’s average outdoor sound level throughout the day is 69.4 decibels, which is equivalent to the noise made by a vacuum cleaner.

The study also identified the noisiest places in Singapore. Serangoon tops the list of planning zones, with an average of 73.1 decibels from more than 100 noise readings.

Said Ms Diong, 27: “In densely populated Singapore, common amenities like shopping malls, hawker centres and playgrounds all contribute to community noise, on top of that created by traffic.”



79 Neighbour Disputes Heard by Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals (CDRT) Since October 2015

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Another 49 cases was hauled to court to resolve neighbour disputes between February to September 2016 as revealed during the inaugural Resolving Community Disputes seminar on Friday (Sept 23).

Nine of these cases were resolved by Consent Orders issued by the CDRT, where parties agreed to certain conditions. The karaoke singer’s case, for example, was resolved after the tribunal ordered the man to stop singing whenever his neighbour’s family members were having their examinations.

The CDRT, set up under the Community Disputes Resolution Act 2015, aims to help neighbours with difficult disputes resolve their conflicts after avenues of community mediation have been exhausted.

District Judge Samuel Chua said the legislation gives the courts the power to send people for counselling or mediation. “That really helps the litigants to uncover the issues that are underlying the dispute,” he said.


Neighbours dispute over loud music and ‘excessive’ cooking

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Loud music, smell of incense floating into their homes, and lit candles along the corridor. These are a few of the issues an elderly couple living in Marine Terrace claim they have to contend with. The dispute is a result of their neighbour, who in turn accused them of cooking excessively, causing their home and clothes to reek of the smell of food.


Man punched by ex-neighbour over noise complaints

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Man punched ex-neighbour over noise complaints-noisyneighboursingapore


The celebration of his daughter’s birthday was ruined when he punched an ex-neighbour at the void deck. The neighbours had been at odds for years over complaints about noise. Despite mediation, situation between them did not improve and things came to a head on December 2013 when Mr Kamal Hasan Mohd Sani, 36, punched Mr Firdaus Supri, 34.


Neighbour gives Ang Mo Kio residents sleepless nights

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neighbour from hell gives ang mo kio residents sleepless nights-noisyneighboursingapore





Photo: STOMP

A family staying in Ang Mo Kio has been plagued with sleepless nights as their neighbour has allegedly been knocking loudly even in the wee hours. Nikki Shals shared a video on Facebook on Apr 20 of her unpleasant experiences with the neighbour. From the video, it was mentioned their second floor neighbour (below) had been calling the police and making reports against them for stomping their feet and making noises.


Dispute between neighbours over noise from renovation

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Dispute between neighbours over renovation noise


A dispute over renovation noise between neighbours led to one of them making a police report against the other. In an interview with The New Paper, Mr Sivalingam Narayanasamy, 55, said: “What he has done is to change my surname.” The other party in the dispute is former radio deejay Daniel Ong, 36, who is now known as a celebrity cupcake-shop owner.


Neighbours Who Can’t Get Along

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Neighbours Who Just Can't Get Along

Photo: The Straits Times

4 birds kept by one household became a flash point for residents living on the eighth floor of an Hougang flat. Ms Perdicha Chen, 48, who lives opposite the Sim family, lodged more than 20 reports with the town council, the HDB and police, and has even been to see her MP twice over the past 6 months.