79 Neighbour Disputes Heard by Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals (CDRT) Since October 2015

By September 23, 2016Dispute Cases, News



Another 49 cases was hauled to court to resolve neighbour disputes between February to September 2016 as revealed during the inaugural Resolving Community Disputes seminar on Friday (Sept 23).

Nine of these cases were resolved by Consent Orders issued by the CDRT, where parties agreed to certain conditions. The karaoke singer’s case, for example, was resolved after the tribunal ordered the man to stop singing whenever his neighbour’s family members were having their examinations.

The CDRT, set up under the Community Disputes Resolution Act 2015, aims to help neighbours with difficult disputes resolve their conflicts after avenues of community mediation have been exhausted.

District Judge Samuel Chua said the legislation gives the courts the power to send people for counselling or mediation. “That really helps the litigants to uncover the issues that are underlying the dispute,” he said.